Friday, April 27, 2012

Alcohol Addiction Help Post Rehab

Once an alcoholic has completed a stint in rehab, it can be easy to brush aside the idea of seeking out continued alcohol addiction help. Many feel the need to celebrate, collect the scattered pieces, and pick back up where they left off. Unfortunately, this plan of action often results in relapse, ultimately placing the individual in line for repeat rehabilitation visits and a spot in line at the recovery start point. In order to avoid this vicious cycle, it’s important for alcoholics to acknowledge the need for post rehab help to aid in ensuring a fulfilling, happy and long-lasting sobriety.

12 Steps To Happiness

12 step recovery programs are often introduced to rehabilitation patients during their initial recovery period. These meetings help break up the recovery process into bite-sized, digestible portions, meant to keep the alcoholic focused, driven and on track with their sobriety goal. As most addicts learn during meetings, recovery is far from a black and white process. Rarely does an alcoholic wake up to find themselves completely rid of the desire to drink. Rather, the process for many involves years… even decades of commitment and perseverance. As such, it’s largely encouraged for recovering alcoholics to adhere to a strict schedule in regard to meeting attendance and participation. With support comes confidence. With confidence comes… well whatever you put your mind to.

Living Sober

Another option for recovering alcoholics post rehab is sober living. A sober living home refers to a property outside the rehabilitation community where by recovering addicts are able to make the transition back into society in a structured and sober environment. Residents of these facilities must obtain and retain employment and/or education through an accredited institution. Residents must also adhere to a strict set of rules in regard to appearance, hygiene, demeanor, sleep schedules and of course, sobriety (random drug testing is an inevitability). By keeping to the schedule and rules set before them, residents are able to earn responsibility and privileges. Failure to abide to house rules can results in various consequences up to and including eviction. Many addicts choosing to place themselves in a sober living establishment are able to grasp hold of the challenges before them; ultimately setting themselves up for the happy, long-lasting sobriety they’ve been searching for.


Every case is different. What may work for some, may not necessarily work for others. Those considering the options outlined above should be encouraged to speak with their addiction counselors prior to rehab completion in order to ensure any necessary arrangements are in place. Trust your gut and shoot for the win. You’re only as good as you truly know you are. 


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