Thursday, April 12, 2012

Alcohol Addiction Help – Benefits Of A Sober Living Community

In order to get the most out of sober living, Los Angeles patients must commit themselves completely to the recovery process. In addition to 12 step recovery programs, counseling, and structure, the benefits of associated with sober homes include a dedicated and supportive sober atmosphere, positive community living, and the guidance patients need to integrate themselves back into regular society.

Many patients who have completed an inpatients rehabilitation program have not taken the proper time to consider the possibility of sober living arrangements. In this entry, we will offer up a few of the many benefits associated with these facilities to provide you with a better outlook in regard to what a patient should expect to gain from the process.

-       Sobriety Focus

-       Sober living facilities provide residents with the ability to focus on their recovery in a positive and dedicated atmosphere.

-       Transitional Living

-       Facilities offer patients a middle point between the sheltered inpatient rehab facility experience and “real” life. Residents are afforded the ability the regain their independence and sense of self while residing in an alcohol and drug-free environment.

-       Life Skills Development

-       Due to the fact that addiction is centered on the need to obtain and abuse alcohol or drugs, many addicts find themselves neglecting other aspects of their lives to facilitate their use habits. A sober living home provides residents the ability to grow – or regrow – day-to-day skills, including work duties, education, housework, fitness and social encounters.

-       Routine Schedules

-       Prior to receiving alcohol addiction help, it’s not uncommon for patient’s waking and sleep schedules to become somewhat erratic. A sober living community works to encourage regular schedules; in turn creating positive time management habits once “normal life” is resumed.

-       Sober Network Expansion

-       In many instances, friendships must be reevaluated upon completion of a rehabilitation program. Sober living provides residents with a community of people dedicated to a sober, positive and healthy lifestyle. 


  1. Endless Benefits when it comes to obtaining support from a sober community! Great article share!

  2. I always enjoy reading these, I hope the ones that do need the help feel more comfortable by reading these! Above it all does whatever they can to make you feel comfortable.

  3. "Forget all the reasons why it won't work and believe the one reason why it will." LOVE this quote! It really hits home right now. I could use some belief in my life right now. :)

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  5. I also love the quote, for me, this means the commitment and willingnes of one for full addiction recovery.

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