Monday, May 7, 2012

Alcoholism vs Alcohol Abuse

Do you know the difference between Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse

Alcoholism (alcohol dependence) and alcohol abuse are two different forms of problem drinking.
  • Alcoholism is when you have signs of physical addiction to alcohol and continues to drink, despite problems with physical health, mental health, and social, family, or job responsibilities. Alcohol may control your life and relationships.
  • Alcohol abuse is when your drinking leads to problems, but not physical addiction.


  1. To think I thought they were one in the same

  2. Me too @Star - some people believe alcoholism is actually genetic so someone can abuse alcohol without actually being addicted to it. I myself don't believe it's actually a disease, but can definitely be an addition.

  3. Agree, nice information on these differences. People are ruining their lives with both Alcoholism and its abuse. What they can do to limit their addiction is to reduced the per day intake so that they can live happily without any problems. Its better to go to any social support network rather useless discussion on nonsense topics. Drug and Alcohol rehab program helps a lot but mutual understanding is much necessary. For more help & support, must browse the world's #1 social support site

  4. Wow its nice to know that their is a difference! It's so so sad to see friends/family suffer from both of these :(

  5. On Rhab talk, there is support that makes the milestones in withdrawing from these.

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  6. I can spot their difference before you explain it lol. Anyways people who are addicted to alcohol must ask a sober companion if needed. Particularly for those who are trying to very hard and in the verge of going back after rehab.