Monday, May 21, 2012

Choosing The Best California Alcohol Rehab Center

When it comes to addiction treatment centers, California has a wide array of options to choose from. From holistic facilities to traditional clinics, addicts are afforded a number of choices to aid in their path to recovery. In this entry, we will provide you with information to help in determining the best option for your unique situation.

Step 1 – Educate yourself in regard to addiction and recovery. Addiction can refer to alcoholism, drug use, eating disorders, sex and more. Patients may be required to attend rehab via court order of a family physician, or encouraged to enter following a family intervention. Regardless of the reasoning behind a rehabilitation stay, the process is one that requires motivation, drive and perseverance in order to achieve a successful outcome.

Step 2 – Learn about inpatient programs. Residents within an inpatient program must reside at the facility under the supervision and care of addiction specialists, physicians and counselors until they have successfully completed treatment. Programs generally vary by rehab, but most include group and individual therapy, detox and after-care help.

Step 3 – Search online and find facilities that specialize in alcoholism treatment. Those interested in a more comprehensive, full-body treatment may benefit from a holistic alcohol treatment center.  Others may opt for a more traditional rehabilitation experience. Choosing the right rehab is crucial in ensuring a successful and long-lasting recovery. Once you’ve found a facility that peaks your interest, call them up to schedule a tour!

Step 4 – Contact a support group and ask for recommendations on area treatment facilities. Speak with individuals who have achieved a minimum 3 years of sobriety and inquire as to their rehab experience to obtain a better idea of what you might expect.

Step 5 – Get in touch with your insurance provider and ask for facilities that are covered under your current insurance plan. This will help alleviate the costs associated with treatment while narrowing the field in regard to potential recovery options.

Final Word

The most important aspect in locating an addiction treatment facility is comfort. If you find yourself anxious, for uncomfortable with a particular facility, chances are that your experience will suffer. Take the time to find a place that is not only able to address your individual needs and goals, but makes you feel relaxed and at home during the process. With the right support team and drive to succeed, there’s little you won’t be able to accomplish.


  1. Educate yourself people! Find an appropriate alcohol rehab center for your loved one...don't just throw them in anywhere!

  2. Biggest advice is for people to not be discouraged about costs. They need to know that insurance can and will cover expenses too

  3. BEST BEST advice! Costs mean nothing when it comes to getting YOUR life back!

  4. California has some beautiful countryside. I bet the setting would be very conducive to healing.

  5. A drug rehab center can help bring back your lost confidence and can make you the happy person you once were.
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