Monday, March 25, 2013

Your Addiction Combat Guide

Addiction is basically defined as a perpetual relapse. The effects of addiction on learning and decision-making may help explain why so many individual struggle to overcome it. Recovery is a lifetime commitment, requiring consistency and dedication to ensure healthy decisions are made.


1 – Ask for support. Take a close look at area organizations and groups who offer support to individuals in recovery. Consider the possibility of counseling, and understand that medication may aid your goals.

2 – Dedicate yourself to change. Commit to a path that supports your desire to fight off addiction. Take a long hard look at yourself and pick out the areas that require change to support your recovery.

3 – Take charge and responsibility! Though change is often difficult in the early stages, with enough time and dedication, the new will become routine. Onward and upward!

4 – Map out a list of values to help ward off addiction. Write out what’s most important to you and make statements that declare their value. Values often include healthy, family, achievement, self respect, community and consciousness.

5 – Take some time to get to know yourself again! It’s not uncommon for addicts to lose themselves within the addiction. Pay close attention to your emotions, how you react to difficult situations, and the feelings that occur afterward. In order to move forward, you must first move inward.

6 – Consider drug rehab options. In many cases, it just simply isn’t enough to “want” recovery. By choosing to seek professional help for your addiction, you stand a much higher chance of achieving and maintaining sobriety, while learning to combat the trials and emotions it commonly evokes. 


  1. Dedicating yourself to change is probably one of the hardest. I fully support and push to help my friends who are addicted to food/alcohol/drugs. Much love and support to all!

  2. I have a friend that just asked for support and help! I am so glad she trusted me enough to help her! I have sent her to Above it all treatment center and I am already seeing progress! I LOVE YOU MARY!