Monday, March 25, 2013

Circulation Issues Caused By Alcohol

Alcohol often contributes to a variety of life’s ills, including liver disease and car accidents. What many people don’t know is that it can also negatively impact our body’s circulation, resulting in issues such as stroke and high blood pressure. Though moderate alcohol intake has been shown to reduce these risks, excessive use only serves to exacerbate them. 


Studies performed by the National Stroke Association reveal that moderate alcohol consumption (2 drinks per day) can effectively reduce stroke risks. However, consuming additional quantities will ultimately triple one’s chances of a stroke experience later in life.


When used in moderation, alcohol works to dilate our body’s blood vessels, removing stress from the heart. Consuming 3+ alcoholic beverages requires the heart to work harder, making us vulnerable to circulation issues.

Blood Pressure

Excessive alcohol intake places users at risk for high blood pressure – The leading cause of stroke.

Red Wine

Studies have show that moderate consumption of red wine actually serves as a preventative measure in heart disease prevention. In fact, European countries who consume red wine more frequently, show lower heart disease rates.


Alcohol can often conflict with medications, including those used for circulatory issues. Make sure to consult with your physician regarding alcohol use prior to taking with prescription drugs.

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  1. It is true that alcohol is very damaging to the body. Not only that it causes problems to blood circulation but to the brain cells as well.

  2. I knew alcohol was bad but this is crazy. Makes you second guess taking a sip.

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  4. Not just circulation issues caused by alcohol, it also harms your heart rapidly too. Addicts must be aware that how long does alcohol stay in your blood that's why these circulation issues are caused. Thanks.

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