Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Alcohol and The Immune System

Though moderate drinking can certainly have its share of health benefits, daily and excessive intake can have a profound effect on the body’s immune system. In reality, most people do not realize the damage inflicted when drinking to intoxication. The body, particularly the kidneys and liver, must work harder to remove the toxins from the drinker’s system. In this entry, we will discuss exactly how alcohol affects our immune systems.


Our bodies are equipped with a natural defense system; white blood cells. Five different types of white blood cells exist, each serving their own unique purpose. The lymphocytes, in particular, work to remove bad cells, while combating toxins and foreign substances. When an individual abuses alcoholic beverages, white blood cell production is hindered. When white blood cell counts are low, our risk of disease and illness is heightened.


When we fall under the weather, one of the first things physicians recommend is to push plenty of fluids to help flush out the toxins. Because alcohol dehydrates the body, drinking it while sick only serves to negatively impact the healing process. When proper fluid amounts are lacking in the body, vital organs become affected.

Alcohol offers no nutritional value. As such, routine drinking only serves to wear down our immune system while adding excess numbers to our daily calorie count. People who drink constantly are much more likely to suffer from colds or even develop conditions such as cancer. In addition, alcohol works to deteriorate the stomach lining, raising the risk of additional issues, including heartburn, which can result in esophagus erosion.


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  1. I never knew the hard facts about what alcohol does to you. It's scary that we are addicted to things that really damage our body!

  2. Whats crazy is no matter what the "hard facts" are we will continually drink. It really takes self control and help to get you to fully stop drinking. If people SUPPORTED each other with NOT wanting to drinking/drugs more than PRESSURING I feel we would all be better off.

  3. I have to agree with norma. Even knowing statistics and facts about drugs/alcohol people will still become addicted. Anything to "numb" the pain! That is why there are sober people to help those who are in need.

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