Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Surprise! Why Alcohol And Tylenol Just Don’t Mix

Mixing even light alcohol consumption with Tylenol can do more harm than any intended good, say researchers.

A new preliminary study shows that using a small to moderate amount of alcohol alongside the recommended Tylenol do
Liver, Kidney Disease And Alcohol, Tylenol Acetaminophen Use
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sage can result in a 123% increased risk of kidney disease.

“Most people take this medication without any input from pharmacists or physicians, and that’s where the public-health concern is,” said researcher Harrison Ndetan. “People buy acetaminophen over the counter, and they also are casual alcohol users, and they don’t know that there is a harmful interaction.”

Alcohol, Acetaminophen Use And Liver, Kidney Disease

Chronic alcohol abuse and chronic acetaminophen use have each been tied to liver and kidney disease separately.

“What has not been well-studied until now is the link between some regular alcohol use and regular acetaminophen use and increasing your risk of kidney disease above the risk of either of those used separately,” said Dr. Martin Zand, medical director of the pancreas and kidney transplant programs at the University of Rochester Medical Center in New York.

Results From Large Tylenol, Alcohol Use Study

During the study, data was analyzed from over 10,000 participants in the ’03-’04 United States National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. Those surveyed were asked questions regarding acetaminophen use, alcohol consumption and health issues.

The research concluded that neither light to moderate drinking nor normal acetaminophen use separately posed any viable threat to kidney health.

However, roughly half of those who combined alcohol and acetaminophen reported kidney dysfunction.

It is not currently known whether similar interactions will occur with other types of painkillers.

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  4. kidneys and alcohol hinders the organs' ability to process the painkiller by inhibiting a particular protein.

  5. More than 10,000 adults found that light and moderate drinkers who also take acetaminophen painkillers more than double their risk of kidney disease.

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