Friday, August 2, 2013

Alcohol Dementia Therapy

Excessive alcohol abuse can result in a condition known as alcohol dementia; posing a threat to mental ability and memory function. Fortunately, the condition can be treated when caught in the early stages. If alcohol dementia is afforded time to progress, it may prove more difficult to address the symptoms. In this entry, we will discuss some tips, treatment and therapy options available in combating this affliction.

Stop Drinking

Though it may seem obvious, the first and more effective means in combating alcohol dementia is alcohol abstinence. Though you may feel up to concurring this task on your own, it is highly recommended that you seek out an alcoholism recovery program to ensure proper support and treatment throughout this difficult transition.

Vitamin Therapy 

Once you have stopped drinking, it is important that you work with your physician to develop a customized vitamin therapy regimen. Most individuals suffering from alcohol addiction will experience severe vitamin deficiencies within the body. Taking steps to ensure adequate intake will work to promote a more comfortable and stealthy recovery.

Memantine Treatment

Depending on the extent of your memory loss, your addiction counselor may recommend placing you on a memantine regime. Memantine is a substance commonly used with Alzheimer’s patients, and can help to repair the damage done to your memory and cognitive skills.

Reminiscence Therapy

Reminiscence therapy is a treatment option used to help alcoholics recollect memories from their past that their dementia has caused them to forget. This treatment generally occurs in a group environment, discussing events you have experienced during childhood, familiar items and old photographs.

Physical Therapy

Alcohol addiction takes a toll on the entire body. As such, it’s important for those recovering from alcohol dementia to address the body as a whole through physical therapy.

Be Patient

Alcohol dementia treatment is no easy undertaking. Some patients require a year or more before a full recovery can be achieved. Patients suffering from the latter stages of this condition may never regain their entire memory or cognitive function. Still, there is always hope for those who try.


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