Friday, June 28, 2013

Alcoholism Q & A

When it comes to alcoholism and addiction, a number of questions, concerns and myths must be dispelled in order to gain a healthy understanding of the condition at hand. In this entry, we will work through some of the more common questions in an effort to inform and enlighten those afflicted.

Q: What is alcoholism?

A: Alcoholism is a disease. Those struggling with the disease have lost the ability manage their alcohol intake and are thus unable to gain control without exterior help. Alcoholics will often lose control over their actions when drinking to excess.

Q: What causes alcoholism?

A: Experts still remain uncertain as to why some individuals become alcoholics. Many people begin drinking only a little bit only to get hooked down the road. People might use alcohol to calm their nerves or forget their troubles, but end up needing it to achieve some sense of normalcy.

Q: Can you define an “average” alcoholic?

 A: The short answer is no. Alcoholics are found within every social class, race, religion, and age-range.

Q: Is there a cure?

A: The only sure-fire cure for alcoholism is complete abstinence. Those in recovery from alcoholism are referred to as “recovering alcoholics”. These individuals have the potential to lead happy, healthy and productive lives following treatment.

Q: Can you force an alcoholic to stop drinking?

A: Unfortunately, no. Though an alcoholic will often require help to curb their addiction, there is no way to force them to accept treatment. Friends and family members of alcoholics must understand that they are unable to provide assistance on their own. Alcoholics must obtain the help of trained professionals in order to properly address the condition. 


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