Friday, May 31, 2013

Sober Summer Spectacular!

For recovering alcoholics, summer can prove a difficult season to keep sobriety in check. Aside from pool parties, BBQs and other social summer gatherings, the season simply screams relaxation, fun, and freedom; making the urge to drink all the more appealing. By making a point to prepare yourself for a sober summer stretch, you stand better equipped to ward off cravings, triggers and temptation along the way.

Let’s Get Physical

Immerse yourself in physical activity to keep your mind focused. Options may include anything from jogging and weight lifting to extreme sports such as rock climbing or skateboarding. Each of these activities require dedicated concentration and can not be performed while under the influence. The more active you make yourself, the more motivated you will be to retain your sobriety. Set goals - Crush goals - Repeat.


Select a hobby that holds your interest and requires your attention. Something as simple as knitting holds a number of benefits, keeping your fingers and thoughts in constant motion. Other options to consider include painting, writing, learning an instrument or woodworking. When you are able to create something, you thoughts will pull harder towards the betterment of the project at hand rather than towards the liquor store.

Wanna Play A Game?

Invite some close friends over for a stay-at-home game night! Select a date and time that works for everyone and pick out some food and board games for entertainment! Heck, you may even choose to indulge with some karaoke! Supply your own drink selection for the event while assigning specific entrée and snack items to attendees. Be sure to specify that you will not permit alcohol use during the party to avoid the presence of any unwanted beverages. Tally the scores and provide prizes to the winners!

Take A Trip

If you’re like most people, a vast majority of your state remains a mystery. Set out a map of the area, blindfold yourself and point out a spot to visit! Use the internet to locate area attractions and let the road take you. You never know who or what you’ll run into!   

Need Help?

If you or someone you love is struggling with alcohol abuse, Above it All treatment center is the place to call. With a team of seasoned addiction specialists available to answers your questions and concerns, you can count on Above It All to have you on the fast track to recovery in no time. 


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