Wednesday, April 17, 2013

How To Spot A Binge Drinker

Alcoholism is a serious issue affecting millions of people throughout the world. But in some cases, it may prove difficult to tell whether a person actually has an issue. When it comes to binge drinking – drinking an excessive amount of alcohol in a short period of time – there are a few signs to look for when determining whether someone has a problem. 

1 – Understand the difference between social and binge drinking. Social drinking commonly occurs at public or group events, such as a dinner party, BBQ, or night out with the girls. Social drinkers may indulge in a drink… maybe two, for the sake of being social. Maybe that second drink turns into a forth or fifth; Perhaps the individual becomes loud and belligerent; Do we even know what the count is anymore?  At this point, you may be looking at a binge drinker.

2 – Keep an eye out for the “point of no return.” For many alcohol enthusiasts, a fork in the road will present itself: Full steam ahead or full stop. This point can be in the middle of a drink, between drinks, or full abstention. Maintaining the ability to control this decision is often a deciding factor in whether or not you are dealing with a more serious issue. 

3 – Take an empty bottle inventory. Towards the end of the evening, set out all of the night’s empty bottles and take an accurate count to determine how much has been consumed.

4 – Take a close look at the drinker’s health to help identify a drinking problem. Measuring hangover intensity is a great way to determine whether or not someone is binging. Light headaches and a little crankiness is one thing… A debilitating migraine, blackouts and “couch days” are another.

5 – To determine whether a real binge has taken place, take a look around the home the following day for “crossover” drinking signs. This form of drinking refers to instances in which an individual consumes all the booze they have brought to an event, before proceeding to invade other sources. An empty liquor shelf or wine cellar is a red flag. A dry keg is a much stronger signal.

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  1. My father was a binge drinker! Truly scary to watch the drinking never end. But thankfully hes been sober for 10 years!

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