Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Reversing The Effects Of Alcohol

Long term heavy drinking can cause severe damage to the brain and liver while creating additional health risks. The amount of damage inflicted on the body is typically in direct proportion to the number of years the individual drinks alongside the amount they’ve consumed. Fortunately for drinkers under 40, some  of these negative effects can be reversed. In this entry, we will outline some tips and tricks to help get your body back on track.

1 – Stop drinking! This is step #1. According to recent studies, alcoholics who give up drinking completely were able to regain their mental abilities and cognitive skills. The initial results were detected following 13 months of complete sobriety and escalated over time. Alcohol abstinence will also encourage proper liver function.

2 – Start eating right. Make a point to include plenty of veggies and fruits into your diet. Swap your red meat for white and sub out your flour carbohydrates for their whole grain brethren.

3 – Consider taking stem enhancers. These remedies serve to encourage new cell growth in areas of excessive alcohol damage. Some people can rebuild as much as 25% of their liver cells by using these enhancers. Though, as with any vitamin, supplement, or medication, it’s important to consult your physician prior to beginning a stem enhancer regimen.

4 – Get to the gym! Commit yourself to daily exercise as part of your new, happy, healthy lifestyle transition. Not only will exercise help remove built up toxins; it will add to your self-esteem, confidence, and just maybe your physique. 


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