Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Beer For Breakfast

Step One is the only step we have to do perfectly 100% of the time. The Big Book says we have to “concede to our inner most selves that we are an alcoholic”. Until we can concede we have to make a case for powerlessness out of attempts to control our drinking, the preoccupation, and the terrors we feel after a spree are all ways to present the case.

Alcoholism can lead to many other problems.  Eroding personal relationships, divorce and legal problems just to name a few. The twelve step program is a good, long tested approach to confronting an alcoholism problem.  The participants are guided by the “Twelve Steps,” outlining the course of action for recovery from addiction. The steps were first published in a 1939 book, which people inside the meeting call “The Big Book.”

Other 12-step programs, patterned on AA, now address addictions to other substances and to various types of destructive behavior. But AA remains best-known because alcohol addiction is such a big problem. It affects millions of people in the United States alone.

The tradition made sure there was a safe place where members could focus on recovery, you can talk about your personal experience using your real name, but you cannot talk about other members.  At meetings, participants share their stories using their first names. Bob C, a regular participant, shared his. “I am an alcoholic. I have been drinking for 32 years,” he said.  I used to get up every morning and have a nice cold beer for breakfast.

If you find yourself having a beer for breakfast, that is probably a sign that you could use a little help.  At Above It All Treatment and Recovery Center, we have a twelve step program for you.  Contact us today a begin the path to a stone cold sober recovery that will improve the quality of your life.

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