Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Alcohol Abuse and Rehab

How do you know if you need help with an alcohol problem?  How do you even know if you have an alcohol problem?  Most people are not aware that they even have an alcohol problem until it is too late.  They are arrested for driving under the influence or some other alcohol related charge.  So what are the early warning signs that you may need to seek out some additional help?

If you have developed a tolerance to alcohol and it takes more and more to get you buzzed, you need help. If drinking is affecting your performance at work or school, you should probably look for some help. If drinking has cost you a relationship, you should probably start looking for a rehab center.  If you have had a brush with the law related to drinking, you should be entering an alcohol rehab center.  If you drink throughout the course of the day under the “its 5:00 somewhere guise” you should be seeking help. If you drink to avoid unhappy situations, can’t stop drinking even though you know it is affecting your health or your family and friends are telling you that you have a drinking problem that is certainly a sign that you should be entering an alcohol rehab program.

Alcohol is so socially acceptable that it is sometimes difficult to know when you need help or have acquired a drinking problem.  Some people become binge drinkers and those are the easy ones to diagnose.  Others, however, use drinking as a crutch and will have a more difficult time realizing that they are in need of treatment for a disease that they cannot conquer by themselves.

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  1. Sadly I know people who abuse alcohol often all too much. But it's pretty regular to see that in the media industry. Hopefully they get wind of one of these informative articles.

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