Friday, March 30, 2012

Finding An Inpatient Drug And Alcohol Program In California

California residents dealing with a serious drinking issue that requires professional help will do best to seek out a reputable inpatient California alcohol rehab center. In this entry, we will walk you through the process of locating and selecting the facility to best suit your needs.

Step 1 – Call up your general physician, medical provider or therapist to discuss your available options. Most medical professionals will have a good knowledge of local facilities and will be able to direct you towards a reputable inpatient facility.

Step 2 – Treatment is never black and white. As such, it’s important to determine whether you might benefit from a specialized treatment plan that can properly address your dependency in addition to a possible physical or psychiatric illness.

Step 3 – Contact an area hospital and inquire about local inpatient programs that can meet your needs.

Step 4 – If you’ve gathered a few options (and hopefully you have), call each of them to see whether they are accepting any new patients. If new clients are being admitted, find out information pertaining to the enrollment process. If your chosen facility is full, simply ask for a recommendation on another drug and alcohol rehab program in California.

Step 5 – Determine whether your insurance will cover your treatment. If you are unable to gather the proper funding or coverage, you may want to consider the possibility of public treatment.

Step 6 – If possible, ask to take a tour of the facility you are most interested in. Have a close friend or family member accompany you to the facility and discuss your options with a program representative. This will allow you to ask questions while alleviating concerns and gaining a first-hand perspective on what to expect from your upcoming rehab experience.

Step 7 – Choose your facility. A doctor’s referral is not required.

Step 8 – Though an inpatient program is definitely a good start, support will likely be required following the program’s completion. Make sure to inquire as to whether your selected program offers continued outpatient support for their clients. 


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